7 BBQ Tips & Hacks to Fool Everyone into Thinking You’re a BBQ Master 7 BBQ Tips & Hacks to Fool Everyone into Thinking You’re a BBQ Master

7 BBQ Tips & Hacks to Fool Everyone into Thinking You’re a BBQ Master

It’s a well-known fact that every person on Planet Earth loves a BBQ. But in the wrong hands, they can go so, so wrong. Fret not, however, our lamb-loving friends - we’ve compiled our top BBQ tips and hacks to fool everyone into thinking you have at least some idea of what you’re doing when it comes to barbecuing. So step aside, dad, there’s a new grill master in town, and it’s not George Foreman.

1. Use Rosemary for Skewers!

Okay, so discovering that you could use sturdy sprigs of rosemary instead of skewers has changed our outlook on life. Not only does this prevent meat or vegetables from falling through the grill and into the fiery abyss, it’ll also infuse the meat with lots of extra flavour. Plus, the fact that rosemary is the perfect companion to lamb only makes this hack all the more magical. If you don’t have any rosemary to hand, using two skewers instead of one will also make life easier when it comes to flipping those kebabs.

Lamb Skewers

2. Get Rid of Your BBQ Brush!

You need never use a barbecue brush again. Instead, get some aluminium foil, scrunch it into a ball and grab it with a pair of tongs. Before the grill cools down, run the aluminium foil over the grill to remove all the gunk. But if you thought that was impressive, this next grill brush alternative will blow your mind. Grab an ONION, slice it in half and simply rub it on the grill. If you clean the grill grates before you start your BBQ, the acidity from the onion will also create a non-stick surface for your meat. Genius.

3. Marinade, Marinade, Marinade!

All meat (especially lamb) tastes better when marinated. Fact. For the best results, marinade your meat the night before your barbecue to make the meat tenderer and tastier. This will also leave less to your cooking skills on the day, fooling everyone into thinking you’re a little lamb-grilling-legend. If you want your meat to be the juiciest and most devourable you’ve ever cooked, you should also let it sit for ten minutes before slicing and serving.


4. Timing is Key!

The most important aspect of lighting your barbecue is to give yourself plenty of time, as it can take anything from thirty-minutes to an hour before the fire is ripe for cooking. You’ll know the barbecue is ready when the coals are grey and ashy. It’s also worth noting that the easiest way to control the amount of heat reaching your meat is to simply raise or lower the grid. For that authentic smoky flavour, you can also throw a few small pieces of wood into the charcoal.

5. Only Flip Once!

With great power comes great responsibility, so avoid giving in to the temptation of the tongs and steer clear of subconsciously flipping your lamb. Frequent flipping causes all of those delicious natural juices to fall off your meat! Instead, cook (to your preference) on one side and then flip it over to let the other side do its thing.

6. Keep Meat Moist!

One way to keep your meat moist as you barbecue, is to add a little butter on the non-grilling side. This is particularly useful for lamb burgers, but can also be used for all other lamb cuts and meats. For those of you keeping one eye on your cholesterol, ice cubes are a healthy substitute that will also help to keep meat moist! Once your meat is cooked, letting it rest under a loose foil tent will also ensure it remains warm and moist. Delicious. 

7. Get the Perfect Grill Marks!

Of course it’s important that your meat tastes incredible, but ensuring it looks great is also crucial - because people are shallow in this digital age. One way to make your meat more Instagrammable is to get those aesthetically-pleasing crisscross grill marks, which can be achieved by thinking of your barbecue as a clock and angling your meat at ten-o’clock. Cook halfway through, then flip and angle towards two-o’clock for crisscross perfection.

So there you have it, folks. Our handy guide to the ultimate BBQ Tips & Hacks! Now you know how to grill like a pro, all you need are the perfect recipes. Like these easy, tasty and affordable lamb barbecue recipes from around the world, which have been created by people like you, for people like you to cook at home - what are you waiting for?

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