Curry and Spice-Inspired Recipes From Around the World Curry and Spice-Inspired Recipes From Around the World

Curry and Spice-Inspired Recipes From Around the World

Celebrate Traditional Curries, Stews and Everything in Between this National Curry Week

Curry is a certified classic, but did you know it’s loved the world over? Brits will be most familiar with the sizzling offerings from India. But there’s a whole universe of spice-inspired stews and similar amazing recipes awaiting your discovery! From the lip-searing spices of Jamaica, to the katsu of Japan and the sweet, coconutty flavours of West Africa – plus everything in between – pack your bags, prepare your taste buds and join us on this tasty tour of the planet this National Curry Week. Who knows, you might even find your new go-to lamb recipe.


Curries in Jamaica and the rest of the Caribbean are not for the fainthearted with their often-zealous use of scotch bonnet peppers. However, if you can handle your spice – or simply want to leave the chilli out – curries and stews from this corner of the world are a feast for the senses, with ingredients like onion, garlic and thyme forming more savoury flavours than the aromatic spices of Asia. Of course, it’s no secret that chicken, salt fish and goat feature on many a menu in Jamaica. But lamb is a showstopping addition to any dish, with its rich, earthy flavour elevating the colourful curries of the Caribbean.

West Africa

Africa is a big, big place. So unsurprisingly, there are plenty of tasty and contrasting curries and stews found across the continent. But West Africa has a good thing going on, with its game-changing blend of peanut butter, tomato, chilli and onions, to create a base which lends itself brilliantly to melt-in-your-mouth lamb. Peanut stews are a staple of countries such as Senegal, Gambia, Guinea and the Ivory Coast, but you needn’t travel all that way! Simply serve this creamy take on a curry with rice, millet, or sweet potato to enjoy an authentic taste of West Africa.


Interestingly, it was Britain who first brought curry to Japan via India during Britain’s colonial rule in the 19th Century. Since then, the dish has taken on a whole new life, with milder, fruitier flavours that are loved around the world as Katsu! Breaded in panko, deep-fried and served with sticky rice and a tangy sauce – what’s not to love!? Our only advice to elevate this classic further still, is to swap the traditional pairing of chicken for – you guessed it – crunchy, panko-coated lamb. Delicious.


The creamy, aromatic curries of Thailand need no introduction. Loved in all corners of the globe for their fresh, fragrant ingredients such as ginger, lemongrass, chilli, coriander, coconut milk, cumin and turmeric – to name a few of the usual suspects – you’ve no doubt enjoyed more that your fair share of zingy green and fiery red curries. But unbeknown to most, lamb is an awesome addition to the abovementioned elements, especially when served along with sticky rice and crunchy vegetables. Give it a try for yourself at home and thank us later.


Okay, so we can’t not mention the OG of the curry world: India. From creamy kormas, to tear-inducing vindaloos and moreish masalas, India has more incredible curry recipes than there are days in a year. Of course, lamb is the only way to enjoy an authentic taste of the subcontinent, so we’ve done the legwork for you with our collection of Indian Curry Recipes. Featuring firm favourites like our Quick Lamb Curry and Easy Lamb Biriyani.

Fall in Love with Lamb this National Curry Week

There you have it, folks: our collection of incredible lamb curries from around, which are on hand to teleport your taste buds this National Curry Week! Simply decide upon your destination, don your apron and get set to serve curry for breakfast, lunch and dinner (optional).

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