Healthy Lamb Salads for All Occasions Healthy Lamb Salads for All Occasions

Healthy Lamb Salads for All Occasions

Listen up, this is not fake ewes. Salads don’t have to be bland! Case in point: our collection of super lamb salads, which are perfect as simple sides, easy lunches and delicious dinners al fresco. Simply decide on a tender cut of lamb and serve alongside your choice of fresh vegetables, tasty garnishes and dreamy dressings.

In need of some recipe inspiration? Here are some tangy, spicy, crunchy, zesty variations of lamb salads from around the world, which prove you don’t need to eat bland to eat healthy. Give them a try for yourself at home and lettuce know what you think using #lambtryitloveit!

Warm Lamb Salad by Hungry Healthy Happy

Greece is the word with this Warm Lamb Salad by Hungry Healthy Happy, bursting with olives, feta, sundried tomatoes and all the fresh flavours of the Mediterranean. Simply add grilled lamb chops and strawberries (yes, strawberries) and settle into a true taste of summer. Best of all? You can practically count the calories on one hand, so you can enjoy this guilt-free salad time and time again.

Warm Lamb Salad by Hungry Healthy Happy

Spiced Lamb Leg Steaks with Sweet Beetroot Salad

Say hello to summer and the return of al fresco dining with our Spiced Lamb Leg Steaks with Sweet Beetroot Salad. Featuring tender lamb leg steaks, which are best marinated in lemon juice, garlic and olive oil for at least twenty minutes. You’re then free to grill or pan fry the lamb leg steaks as you please, which are to be served along with this salad that packs a surprisingly sweet and spicy punch.

Lamb Leg Steaks with Beetroot Salad

Slow Cooked Lamb Buddha Bowl

Okay, so this isn’t exactly a salad. But our Lamb Buddha Bowl is as healthy as it is colourful, with your five-a-day packed into one convenient dish, so we’re making an exception. Give our one bowl wonder a try for yourself and savour the flavour of shredded lamb shoulder – slow cooked in a zesty tomato, shallot and garlic sauce – which is here to revolutionise your midweek meals.

Lamb Buddha Bowl

Grilled Lamb Steak Salad with Anchovy Sauce

Salads are (often rightly) scolded for their blandness. But that was before we started adding the good stuff, like lamb. So, up your salad game and banish the bland with our Grilled Lamb Steak Salad with Anchovy Sauce, featuring tender lamb leg steaks that are perfectly paired with an olive oil, parsley, mustard, lemon juice, anchovy and pepper sauce. Delicious.

Lamb Steak Salad with Anchovy Sauce

Teriyaki Lamb Rice Bowl with Chilli Dressing

If the salad purists are out there, we know we’re bending the rules again. This poke-inspired dish, made with a medley of finely sliced vegetables and sizzling Asian sauces topped with tender lamb leg steaks, is both healthy and tasty – so what’s not to love? Grab your chopsticks and try our Teriyaki Lamb Rice Bowl with Chilli Dressing.

Teriyaki Lamb Rice Bowl

Moroccan-Style Lamb Salad

Join us in taste-bud-tingling Morocco starring this Moroccan Lamb Salad that is a feast for all the senses, made with tender lamb leg steaks and a host of fragrant herbs and spices. You’ll wonder why you’ve never tried it before. Feel free to spice up your salad by adding a little more harissa to the mix.

Moroccan Lamb Salad

Bo Bun Style Lamb Recipe

Inspired by the fragrant flavours of Vietnam, swap traditional beef (Bo) for lamb and thank us later! Our Bo Bun Style Lamb recipe is fresh, affordable and is guaranteed to make your friends think you have your life in check. Cook and serve this salad in just twenty minutes, making it the perfect dish for easy, healthy midweek meals.

Bo Bun Style Lamb

Fall in Love with Lamb

There you have it, our selection of hearty, healthy salads that will have you looking and feeling like the legend you are in no time at all! But these are just a few of our tasty, easy lamb recipes that have been created by people like you, for people like you to cook at home – what are you waiting for?

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