How to Carve a Leg of Lamb How to Carve a Leg of Lamb

How to Carve a Leg of Lamb

Sunday: a day of rests and roasts, preferably of the lamb variety. We’ve already shown you how to fool everyone into thinking you’re a little lamb-cooking-legend with our expert guide on how to cook a leg of lamb. But to really pull the wool over their eyes (pun intended) you need to follow the expert cooking with the expert carving, which can be the trickiest part behind creating the perfect lamb roast! So without further ado, here’s our simple step-by-step guide on how to carve a leg of lamb.

Step One

Before the carving process begins, ensure your knife is sharp and take a long, loving look at your leg of lamb. The bone runs through the meat at a slight angle, giving you two juicy pieces of meat on either side of the bone. Place the leg of lamb on a cutting board and turn the leg so the meatiest part is uppermost.

Step Two

Holding the bone with a clean tea towel or thick paper towel, or using a carving fork, cut the meat into slices across the grain. Cut straight down the thickest part of the meat until you hit the bone – you should be slicing perpendicular to the bone.

Step Three

Continue carving slices straight down to the bone, which will still be attached where they meet the bone.

Step Four

Once you’ve cut the entire leg of lamb into slices, turn your knife to now be parallel to the bone. Starting at the end furthest from you, make a long horizontal cut across the base of the slices to free them from the bone. Keep your knife close to the bone to get as much meat as possible.

Step Five

Transfer the slices to a warm serving platter and cover with foil to keep the meat warm and moist!

Step Six

Be sure not to waste the meat left on the bone. Simply trim off any extras or pick it off with your fingers or a fork. Or go full medieval and gnaw the bone. These excess bits of meat might not make it onto the serving platter, but they’re perfect for sandwiches, stews and other delicious leftover lamb recipes. The bone can also be used to make a flavoursome lamb stock.

Chef’s Top Tip

Use a slicing rather than sawing action and be sure to make the most of the full length of the knife by using a gentle follow-through motion with each slice!

So there you have it, folks. Our expert guide on how to carve a leg of lamb. Now you know how to carve like a pro, all you need is the perfect recipe for cooking a leg of lamb! Still hungry? Give it a try for yourself at home.

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