How to Host a Stay at Home Festival How to Host a Stay at Home Festival

How to Host a Stay at Home Festival

Festivals in Great Britain: where dreams are made, warm cans are drank and where at some point, you’ll definitely be phoneless and friendless, wandering if you’ll ever see a familiar face again. Bliss. Obviously 2020 had different plans for festival season, but we’re not being denied this simple pleasure – and neither should you! So, read on for our guide on how to host your very own stay at home festival, featuring all the festival food, vibes and tunes – who needs Glastonbury?

1. Create Your Own Festival Line-Up

Should Taylor Swift have a headline slot at Glastonbury? The answer is of course no. But fear not, because petty arguments and controversies like this are a thing of the past! One major plus point of hosting your own stay at home festival is that you have complete control over the line-up.

Say goodbye to compromising and being dragged by your friend to see James Arthur. Say hello to running a strict dictatorship over control of the speakers and playing what you want all festival-long. If you’re stuck for some inspiration, check out our #LambList on Spotify and enjoy anything and everything from George Michael to OutKast, Arctic Monkeys to Spice Girls and Jamiroquai to Loyle Carner.

Spotify #LambList Poster

2. Cook up Some Festival Food Favourites

Okay, so we know food isn’t usually a priority at festivals, serving more as essential sustenance and a stomach liner for the weekend’s antics. But your stay at home festival is the perfect excuse to cook up a feast for the senses, featuring all your favourite street foods.

For the ultimate festival food, look no further than lamb. From melt-in-your-mouth Lamb Shawarma, to juicy Bengal Burgers and sizzling Balsamic Lamb Skewers – impress friends and family alike with these delicious finger foods. Or, if you want to go all out, simply fire up the BBQ and tuck into the tasty kebabs, burgers and steaks found in our BBQ Collection.

Lamb Bengal Burger

3. Good Times with Good People

Perhaps the best thing about hosting a stay at home festival is the selective group of people you get to spend it with. No more idiots shouting Alan and Steve (hopefully) and even if they do, you’re well within your rights to boot them out of the garden.

Of course, friends and family are completely optional – festivals for one are definitely a thing – but if you do have people round, remember to follow the government guidelines and enjoy your stay at home festival responsibly!

4. Embrace the Festival Vibes

Part and parcel of the festival experience is dressing up, or down, to make yourself look glittery and glamorous and/or hilarious. Many festivals, such as Bestival, have their own designated dress code, with previous themes including Summer of Love, Desert Island Disco, Wildlife and Out of Space – all of which would certainly inject some colour into your own stay at home festival!

But this is your festival. So, feel free to go wild and dress however you please! If you’re stuck for inspiration, join us in raiding wardrobes and digging out some questionable attire for a lamb-inspired theme of Mutton Dressed as Lamb, or indeed, Lamb Dressed as Mutton.

Festival-Goers in Fancy Dress at Kendal Calling

5. Whatever the Weather

Summer in Britain: we’re either sweltering in weather that wouldn’t seem out of place in the Sahara. Or, more likely, drowning in apocalyptic downpours. Either way, you should prep for all weathers at your stay at home festival. So, without meaning to sound like your nan – be sure to have easy access to wellies, sun cream, arm bands and whatever you see fit to protect you from the mystery that is summer in the UK.

Lots of Mud at Kendal Calling

6. Post-Festival Recovery

So there you have it, folks. Our essential guide to hosting your own stay at home festival, whatever the weather. Now you know how to party like a pro, all you need are the perfect recipes to help with the post-festival recovery process. Like these easy, tasty and affordable lamb recipes, which have been created by people like you, for people like you to cook at home – what are you waiting for?

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