Lamb Stews – Cosy Cooking, Upgraded Lamb Stews – Cosy Cooking, Upgraded

Lamb Stews – Cosy Cooking, Upgraded

Four certainties in life. Life, death, taxes and a lamb stew to keep you warm in winter.

And lamb doesn’t have to be expensive, there are many delicious and affordable cuts of meat, ideal for stewing, which produce beautifully tender melt in your mouth meals. 

We’ve rounded up a handful of cosy lamb stew recipes to send the winter blues packing and keep you warm as the nights get longer. 


This one-pot wonder comes courtesy of our friend Bintu Hardy at Recipes From A Pantry. This hearty, flavour-filled dish will fill your kitchen with the smells and fragrances of Morocco – think paprika, turmeric, cinnamon and cumin, combined with diced lamb, chickpeas, tomatoes, spinach and apricots (yes, apricots!).

Super simple to prepare, it’s also super healthy, packed with Vitamin B, D and Zinc! 


Bring all the flavours of the Mediterranean to your own home with this one-pot stew from our friends at Recipes From A Pantry

This low-carb stunner is full of flavour, nutrients, and is also really easy to make – simply toss your everyday ingredients into a pot, let them do their thing, then enjoy this guilt-free stew filled with the robust flavours of Greece.

It also makes an easy meal prep option for the Keto conscious!


Ok, this one might not be a stew, but it’s too tasty not to include. 

We’ve suggested using lamb necks for this dish, both criminally underrated and inexpensive, it’s the perfect slow cooking alternative to get you the tender meat you desire. 

This dish is packed with nutrients and spice, and goes well with bread, mashed potatoes or polenta.

So there you have it, three affordable, hearty, simple lamb options to stave off the winter weather and keep your belly happy.

Let us know which one is your favourite!

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