It’s a Match – Get Loved Up with Lamb This Valentine’s Day with Our Favourite Flavour Combinations It’s a Match – Get Loved Up with Lamb This Valentine’s Day with Our Favourite Flavour Combinations

It’s a Match – Get Loved Up with Lamb This Valentine’s Day with Our Favourite Flavour Combinations

February: it’s approximately 1000 times shorter than January, and everything is shaped like hearts – because, you know, Valentine’s Day. And we’re not mad about it. But despite the Day’s whole made-up-by-marketers-to-make-money vibe, it can actually be pretty great if you stick to two simple, definitely-not-just-made-up-by-us-for-this-blog-post rules:

Rule Number 1: Celebrate the day with anyone special to you. As in, no romantic partner necessary. Your best friend, your dog, your houseplants, yourself. Whoever or whatever makes you happiest.

Which leads us to Rule Number Two: do what makes your heart full – and your belly (do you see where we’re going with this?). In this case: try some lamb.

Lamb is pretty scrummy all on its own, but we’ve scouted the ingredients it pairs with best to turn an ordinary meal into a treat for your taste buds.

Lamb and lemons

It would be insincere of us, as cliché-lovers, to not take advantage of this alliteratively-perfect match, so: when life gives you lemons, add lamb. But seriously – add lamb. Lamb and lemon are to food combinations what 90s hip-hop is to road trips, or what prosecco is to Fridays. That is, lamb’s rich flavours mixed with the tangy freshness of squeezed lemon is always a winner.

And Slummy Single Mummy’s Quick and Easy Roast Lamb with Lemon and Honey is probably our favourite example of this ever.

But here’s the thing with lemons and lamb: as pretty as lemon looks alongside your lamb, it’s your perfect secret ingredient, too, taking your lamb flavours from yummy to oh-my-gosh-yummy. Simply add a squeeze into your mince next time you make a quick lamb spag-bol or make your own easy lamb meatballs (Slummy Single Mummy’s got you covered here, too). 

Lamb and Pomegranate

We can’t stress this enough: pomegranate seeds – or arils, if we’re getting fancy – are game changers. Throw these tiny, juicy, pink-red jewel-like guys onto pretty much anything, and you’ve got a souped-up meal that a) looks 110% more aesthetically pleasing and b) tastes 110% better.

And they’re perfect for last-minute, make-it-look-fancy dishes using your leftover lamb, too. Take Greedy Gourmet’s Lamb Wraps with Fennel, Pomegranate and Yoghurt – so delicious-looking it’s hard to believe they’re thrown together in ten minutes using your leftover roast lamb.

Or, if you’re into middle-eastern flavours when it comes to lamb (which, let’s be real, who isn’t?) you could create My Fussy Eater’s plate of colourful goodness, i.e. Lamb Kebabs with Feta and Pomegranate Cous Cous, and make your Valentine’s partner in crime’s day.

Lamb and Avocado

We wouldn’t be millennials if we didn’t slide avocado into here somewhere. But trust us when we say, lamb and avocado? A match made in hipster heaven. The best part is, it’s super-duper versatile. Think about it: we add avocado to chicken-anything all the time, from burgers to salads. As it turns out, our favourite creamy green fruit works magic to bring out the flavours of lamb, too.

Case in point: if Greedy Gourmet’s Lamb Sandwich with Avocado and Jam doesn’t literally have you drooling at your desk or on your phone, we don’t know what to tell you.

Or, if you’re feeling a little creative, you could up your breakfast-in-bed game and give Scrummy Single Mummy’s Green Eggs and Lamb a go this Valentine’s Day (if, for no other reason, than an excuse to use that Dr Seuss-inspired pun masterpiece).

And while you might be slightly sceptical about a lamb-style eggs-benedict with an avocado hollandaise-style sauce, trust us: it’ll change your world. In a good way. Think about it: eggs benny is delicious, avocado is delicious, and lamb is delicious. It only makes sense that this is a taste combination made for greatness.

There are a whole lot more flavour combination winners when it comes to lamb because of how versatile it is – think lamb and yogurt, or leftover roast lamb with jam* – but we wanted to introduce you to a couple of our favourite matches that you might not have heard of or tried before.

Here’s to trying new things and eating food we love, with the people we love, this Valentine’s Day!

*Also, this is fun to say, and never underestimate a good food rhyme.

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