Pack Protein on the go with these Lamb Meal Prep Ideas Pack Protein on the go with these Lamb Meal Prep Ideas

Pack Protein on the go with these Lamb Meal Prep Ideas

You’re busy. Believe us, we get it. We’re operating in a never-ending sea of emails and social plans, work and personal goals – and you might have some little humans thrown into the mix for good measure, too. Trying to balance it all with your wellness and health makes it a little (see: a lot) overwhelming sometimes.

But, consider this your reminder to prioritise the Really Important Stuff, like taking care of your body and eating in a way that feels good. And it’s important to fill it up with food that does you well – food that nourishes your brain and helps you function at your best (if only to get back to that DM with lightning speed. Kidding. Self-care means putting the phone down, sometimes, too).

Which is where lamb comes in. It’s packed with the good stuff, especially a bunch of the B-vits your body needs for mental function and energy production. But where lamb also wins big is the Big P: protein. 100g of lamb packs an impressive 25.6g of it. The most significant thing to remember here is that all protein is not created equal.

Not only is lamb a complete protein – that is, it contains all the essential amino acids your body needs for muscle growth and maintenance – it’s also a better quality protein than most other meats, simply because it’s less processed and is usually reared in far better conditions than a lot of its contemporaries.

We wanted to make it easy for you to get your protein in deliciously and while you’re on the go, so we’ve rounded up our favourite protein-packed lamb packed-lunch ideas (see what we did there?).

Instant Pot Lamb Tacos Al Pastor

Okay, listen: Super Golden Bake’s wins at life with just the colours of these lamb tacos. But shredded lamb in tacos made from leftover pressure-cooked lamb shoulder is just genius.

Pack it in with veg fillings of your choice, avocado and a squeeze of lime and you’ve got a perfect, protein-packed post-gym meal (you can swap out the taco shells for lettuce wraps if you’re going east on the carbs, too) .

The best part is, this shredded lamb goes with pretty much anything, from rice to salad, so prep a big batch and you’re good to go!

Spiced Lamb Protein Lunchbox Salad with Couscous

If you’re in the midst of bulking season, thinking creatively around protein-rich meals can get tough. And there’re only so many chicken breasts and rice you can eat before things start to feel all-too bland.

And the thing is, keeping things interesting is key if you’re aiming for a sustainable healthy lifestyle. Which is where x Amelia x’s High Protein Lunch Spiced Lamb Salad comes in. This Moroccan-style lamb lunchbox – with chickpeas for extra protein power – makes getting in the good stuff that much more exciting and tasty.

It’s versatile, too – add your favourite veggies and swap out the couscous for some quinoa if you’re feeling extra health-conscious.

Lamb Tikka Wraps

Honestly, is there anything yummier than lamb tikka? It might be because it usually equals a summer barbeque – and sunshine and food are two of the greatest things in the world – but there’s just something about this lamb dish that makes it as moreish as they come.

By using the leftover lamb tikka to make wraps for a simple, delicious lunch-time meal, Blogs by Fa’s recipe is the stuff of meal-prep dreams. And if your current weather situation is less barbeque and more brrr, you can easily throw the lamb cubes in a pan on the stove. 

Either way, with the yogurt and lemon juice adding the perfect creamy freshness, this lamb-powered lunch is always the right choice.

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