Peculiar Lamb Pairings to try this Halloween Peculiar Lamb Pairings to try this Halloween

Peculiar Lamb Pairings to try this Halloween

You’re no doubt all too aware of lamb’s many classic flavour combinations – rosemary, mint and garlic to name but three – which are classic for a reason. But seeing as it’s Halloween, we thought we’d throw a few spanners (or mackerel) in the works, with recent reports by scientists, being the clever folk that they are, revealing a number of new weird and wonderful pairings for lamb. So, all that remains is for you to don your fancy dress, get creative in the kitchen and look forward to some sheep thrills this Halloween.

As reported by The Independent, research from our friends at Simply Beef & Lamb revealed that dark chocolate and coffee are the ultimate seasonings for a lamb dish. Yes, really! The research looked at the molecular make-up of the meat in order to discover foods that share similar flavour compounds, with these bold bitter flavours leading the way.

Coffee Beans

But even more surprising were the freaky findings of food scientist and flavour expert Dr Rachel Edwards-Stuart, who also reported honey, grapefruit, mackerel, beef, prawns and pumpkin seeds as other potential pairings for lamb.


If you’re thinking you can wash the above down with a traditional glass of red, think again. Both whiskey and sake were revealed as the alcoholic beverages sharing the largest number of tasting notes and aromas with roasted lamb.

Glass of Whiskey

On the matter, Dr Rachel Edwards-Stuart said…

While many of these ingredients are common in cooking, people can often be afraid to put bold flavours together. This research shows that the traditional pairings of rosemary or mint may not be the best food to bring out all of the flavours lamb has to offer. People can therefore afford to be a bit bolder in their choices…

Having graduated from Cambridge University, training as a chef in Paris, gaining a PhD sponsored by Heston Blumenthal and going on to become a world-renowned food scientist and flavour expert – we thought we’d trust in her judgement and try one of these weird and wonderful recipes for ourselves!

But, fret not, even we weren’t brave enough to try lamb and mackerel (just yet). Instead, we asked the brilliant Blogs by FA to ease you into the weird and wonderful world of unusual lamb pairings with these delicious Honey Glazed Grilled Lamb Cubes. Perfect for entertaining guests at your very own lamb party this Halloween.

Honey Glazed Grilled Lamb Cubes Recipe

Feeling brave? Don your fancy dress, get in the kitchen and try one of these unusual flavour pairings at home! Or if you’re not feeling brave: stick to the classics, which are ready and waiting in our delightful collection of lamb recipes.

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