The Crown is Back! Regal Recipes to Eat Like a Queen The Crown is Back! Regal Recipes to Eat Like a Queen

The Crown is Back! Regal Recipes to Eat Like a Queen

Unless you’ve been living under a rock – which actually sounds quite comforting in 2020 – you’ll be all too aware of the scandalous, stately, binge-worthy series The Crown.

The show’s much-anticipated return on November 15 will be complete with all the usual suspects / legends – like Her Majesty, Queen Olivia Colman – as well as notable new faces such as Emma Corrin as Princess Diana and Gillian Anderson as Margaret Thatcher.

To celebrate this most majestic of occasions, we’ve compiled a collection of regal lamb recipes literally fit for a queen. All that remains is for you to read on, grab some lamb and cook up a royal feast for the senses. Please note, dressing up as members of the Royal Family for this lamb extravaganza is completely essential.

Classic Lamb Wellington

The OG of beef wellingtons, Arthur Wellesley, or the first Duke of Wellington rubbed shoulders with many a royal after his legendary defeat of Napoleon Bonaparte. So, what better way to kick off your banquet than with our tasty take on this classic.

Simply swap in lamb and look forward to an easier (and tastier) take on its more expensive beef cousin – what’s not to love about juicy lamb rolled in finely diced wild mushrooms, caramelised onions and golden puff pastry?

Roast Leg of Lamb with Garlic and Rosemary

Flying the flag for the best of British fare, our classic Roast Leg of Lamb is a staple of Sunday lunches across the land, which gets a new lease of life for this melt-in-your-mouth recipe, pairing traditional garlic and rosemary with honey and mustard.

Best of all? You can roast it up on Sunday, then enjoy it all again the next day with our renowned leftover recipes – because these leftovers are too good to be fed to the corgis (or any other breed of doggo).

Lamb Stuffed Butternut Squash

Meghan Markle, still technically The Duchess of Sussex, is a self-confessed foodie. We’re pretty convinced she’d be a fan of all of our legendary lamb recipes. But a standout is certainly our Lamb Stuffed Butternut Squash.

Overflowing with flavour and goodness, the fragrant lamb mince filling and tender squash is taken to another level when topped with crumbled feta and toasted pine nuts. Perfect for easy, healthy meals that can be enjoyed at any time of the year. But especially for season returns of The Crown.

Cook Up a Royal Curry

In an old interview with BBC Radio 1 – 13:02 to 13:40 on YouTube – The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge confessed their love of curry, with Prince William also stating that he isn’t too big on spice. Surely they’ll find something they both can agree on in our lamb curry collection! Filled with popular dishes such as biriyani and creamy lamb and spinach curry.

Lamb Shanks with Red Wine, Garlic and Rosemary

Rich, hearty and perfect for The Crown­-inspired dinner parties. Our Braised Lamb Shanks with Red Wine, Garlic and Rosemary are about as tender as it gets, thanks to the long, slow cooking which makes for a melt in the mouth meal.

Also, thanks to quick 10-minute prep, you simply prep and wait to eat this perfect complement to some exhilarating royal drama on a cosy Sunday.

Bengal Burger with Mango and Raita

What do you call Prince Charles in a popular fast-food restaurant? A (soon to be) Burger King. Sorry. We couldn’t finish our royal recipe roundup without getting that terrible joke in somewhere along the line. Let us make it up to you with the inclusion of our Bengal Burger with Mango and Raita to conclude this royal feast!

A Royal Feast for the Ages

There you have it, folks! Our regal collection of gourmet lamb dishes, which are on hand to treat your taste buds as you eat like a queen and celebrate the return of The Crown! Simply choose your royal recipe from the above, don your apron and get set to savour a banquet of the highest order. We’d love to see your creations. Tag @lambtryitloveit and #lambtryitloveit so we can join the festivities (virtually of course).

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