Travel with Lamb: Europe we go! Travel with Lamb: Europe we go!

Travel with Lamb: Europe we go!

With the festive season and last of the Christmas leftovers now a distant memory, you navigate your way through the depths of winter and are left staring blindly into an empty fridge…

You wait for something to jump out. Nothing. Nada. Zero.

You consider starting to plan trips for the year ahead, but if 2020 taught us anything it’s that sometimes even the most well-planned ideas can change–and you’ve still got a few months ‘til summer anyway.

Fear not! Love Lamb have rounded up the flavours of our February #TravelWithLamb destination – Europe!

It’d be an impossible task to pick one dish that typified the continent – with an incredible array of cuisines including French, Italian, German and Spanish – so we’ve put together a list of some of our favourite lamb dishes from a few of our favourite destinations. Think traditional lamb ragu, Mediterranean lamb sandwiches, lamb sugo and more…yum.

Invite your friends over, serve up a feast and start planning your next trip over one of these incredible dishes.

Traditional Lamb Ragu

This Italian inspired stunner is courtesy of our friends over at Tastemade UK.

There aren’t too many dishes that can induce comfort quite like a ragu, and this dish filled with slow-cooked, tender lamb shoulder, pancetta, onion, carrot and celery is no exception.

Great for a Sunday when you’re cooking for the week ahead – and just as good when cooking a meal for a cosy night in with the family.

Autumnal Lamb Sugo

Trick your tastebuds into thinking they’re in Tuscany with this magical dish, also from Tastemade UK.

Packed with nutrients, this dish combines European lamb shoulder with a bunch of easily found vegetables – feel free to throw in any you might have lying around the fridge.

Similar to the ragu, this number serves well if you’re cooking for the week ahead – or any other time… you know the drill.

Mediterranean Lamb Sandwiches

You’ll be ending your love affair with supermarket meal deal sandwiches once you try these incredible, char-grilled lamb delights.

These mouth-watering Greek inspired wonders will be on your plate in less than half an hour and work with any filling you like – see our list for some brilliant ideas.

We promise you won’t be running back to egg and cress anytime soon.

Green Olive & Herb Ragu

Here’s Ragu #2 from us to you.

Ok, we’ll leave the rhymes to Dr Seuss from now on. But we promise this dish tastes better than green eggs and ham.

This hearty dish is full of rich flavours – think olives, turmeric, cumin and cayenne pepper – combined with juicy, tender European lamb shoulder.

So now you know where our February #TravelWithLamb destination is – let us know what your favourite European cuisine is!

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