Valentine’s Day! Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day!

You’d think we would’ve learnt a thing or two in 1500 years. But every year in early February, the very same panic sets in – it’s as if everyone’s calendars have hidden it from our eyes for 12 months, only to reveal it at the last moment.

It’s February 14. Valentine’s Day. 

But alas! With another lockdown enforced, it’s looking like you will be spared from spending your evening at a restaurant with other couples who look like they haven’t had a romantic meal since this time last year. 

So why not take a reprieve from the commercialisation of Valentine’s Day, instead, let romance fill your every day and funnel some romantic energy into creating one of our beautiful, affordable (yes, Valentine’s Day shouldn’t mean wasting your hard-earned on expensive takeaway), lamb dishes.

It’s time for our remastered version of Love Lockdown. And while we’re not sure Kanye West was singing about a wet UK February in Tier 5, we’re sure he’d love these recipes. 

Autumnal Lamb Sugo

French isn’t called the language of love for no reason. Your pheromones will flutter when you taste this incredible Tuscan lamb sugo from our friends at Tastemade UK. Incredibly hearty, nutritious and affordable, this flavour-rich meal is also a fantastic lunch option for during the week.

Lamb Steak with Two Mustard Sauce

When you’re out to impress, one mustard sauce is never enough. Always two.

These delicious lamb leg steaks are super simple, lean and served up in less than half an hour. And we promise they’ll have a much more profound impact on your relationship than any £40 box of chocolates.

Lamb Penne Gratin with Courgette and Two Cheeses

Much like our two-mustard recipe above, two cheeses is also a prerequisite for impressing. This incredibly simple lamb penne gratin is a brilliant way to use up the rest of a roast lamb and tastes incredible and is super affordable (there is a difference between being a cheapskate and sensibly frugal on Valentine’s Day!). 

So there you have it, folks! Three incredible easy dishes that will let you avoid the angst and ire of a commercialised Valentine’s Day – leaving you with more time to spend with your loved one.

And if you’re single, just treat yourself!

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