Why You Need to Start Having Lamb for Breakfast Right Now Why You Need to Start Having Lamb for Breakfast Right Now

Why You Need to Start Having Lamb for Breakfast Right Now

Somewhere along the line, lamb got a confusing rap. We all know and love lamb chops, and Sunday roasts are that much better when there’s some lamb involved, but beyond that, you might be prone to getting a little stuck when it comes to this meat and its potential.

But if you’ve been following along, you probably already know the lowdown: from Lamb Sloppy Joes and Meatballs to Bo Bun-style Lamb, the possibilities are scrumptiously endless when it comes to how versatile lamb really is.

But a lot of us in the western world are still missing out on something. And most of the rest of the world are in on the secret: that lamb makes a stellar brekkie addition.

Think about it: we’re no strangers to meaty brekkie. Bacon and eggs are practically a cultural benchmark, and we add ham to Eggs Bennie, beef to breakfast burritos and sausages with our baked beans. Call us dramatic, but the fact that we have somehow left lamb out of the mix is nothing short of tragic.

And considering lamb is rich in iron, B-Vits, and packs a quality protein punch, too, it’s great for giving you the energy you need to begin your day and tackle the important stuff (like deciding what to have for lunch). 

Whether it’s a quick mid-week brekkie or a weekend brunch, lamb’s the perfect ingredient. Which is why we’ve rounded up a couple of our favourite lamb breakfasts to get you started (you’re welcome).

Lamb Shakshuka

If you haven’t yet tasted Shakshuka, we almost envy you. Because discovering this dish will change your life. Seriously – there’s nothing tastier than this North African/Middle-Eastern spiced, tomato-y egg-y brekkie, except when you add lamb to it.  

Which is why Elizabeth’s Kitchen Diaries is making all of our savoury brekkie dreams come true with this Easy Harissa Lamb Shakshuka for Two. With shredded harissa lamb and crumbly feta, you can have this meal sorted in 25 minutes.

Add some flatbread or your favourite bread and you’re golden – because mopping up every last bit of the sauce is mandatory.

Also, you can eat it straight from the pan, so it’s not only delicious, but ideal for when you’re feeling extra lazy and don’t feel like doing the dishes. Yes, please.

Green Eggs and Lamb

This recipe’s name alone by Slummy Single Mummy makes it A-Class. But the fact that it’s actually absolutely mouth-watering, too? Hats off. Seriously, though: why did we never think of adding lamb to our Eggs Benedict before?

Shaking things up and swapping your English muffin and bacon for lamb potato patties just makes sense – and it’s healthier, too.

Also, an avocado hollandaise-style sauce? Drool.

Lamb-Stuffed Omelette

Sometimes keeping it simple is the way to go. When your spare time’s at a minimal and you’re trying to brainstorm a meal out of the couple of leftovers in your fridge, an omelette is always a winner. And if you’ve got some leftover lamb, too? Extra sorted.

Follow x Amelia x’s Lamb Stuffed Omelette with Red Onions and Feta and throw in some greens, baby tomatoes, feta cheese and avocado and you’ve got a ten-minute brekkie as healthy as it is scrummy.

. . .

And there you have it, folks. Make your mornings that much better and begin them with some lamb brekkie.

PS You can totally have these lamb brekkies at anytime of the day – nobody’s going to judge you if you fancy whipping up a Shakshuka at midnight.

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