Sustainability means that a process can be maintained at a certain level for as long as is wanted, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. So for Europe’s sheep farmers, sustainability isn’t just about the environment, it’s also about all that other good stuff: animal welfare, contributing to local communities and ensuring that sheep farming is economically viable for the generations of tomorrow. Have a read through our articles and discover just how beneficial sheep farming is – from energising the economy of disadvantaged regions, to boosting biodiversity and looking after landscapes, there’s many advantages to sheep farming. Lamb: it’s more than just a meat.

Sheep Farming in Europe:
The Benefits!
Sheep Farming in Europe:
Landscapes of Opportunity!
Sheep Farming in Europe:
A Positive Contribution to Biodiversity!
Sheep Farming in Europe:
An Economic Asset for the Continent!

Why I love lamb?
Interview with Hannah Jackson

A Farmer’s Guide to Lamb with Hannah A Farmer’s Guide to Lamb with Hannah
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